About Us

Jim Harris – Admin/Owner
I hope you will enjoy the journey through my mind. Musings about the real world around us and the virtual world.

I enjoy working in web design, electronics, and especially meteorology. Living in Miami (Florida) I have a keen interest in the weather and especially during the Atlantic hurricane season. I became very interested in meteorology as a child when Hurricane Cleo made landfall in Miami in 1964. I have been hooked into the tropical weather every since and enjoyed it as an amateur. Having a brother in law who is one of the hurricane specialists at the 
National Hurricane Center
in Miami allows for a unique perspective into the NHC operations.

I am a trained NWS Skywarn Spotter and also a CoCoRaHS Observer. Please note: I am NOT a professional meteorologist and this forecast is prepared purely for entertainment purposes. Please do not take personal forecast seriously, instead stick with the information at the NHC. Please feel free to post a comment or or if you have a question. I will try to respond as soon as possible.
In addition to this blog I designed a simple weather web site although it is mostly for the tropical weather http://corioliseffect.net and a Weather forum http://corioliseffect.net/forum/

I recently have decided to add a few users to the Weather or Knot blog. These new contributing authors who are very adept into meteorology. I hope that you will enjoy their posts and add your comments as well.

Kori Winstead – Contributing Author

I’ve had an ardent passion in weather for over 10 years. Native to Louisiana, Isidore’s landfall as a tropical storm made me realize how much I truly liked the weather, with the subsequent passage of Lili solidifying it fully.

I am now actively working toward becoming a meteorologist, with the ultimate goal being the National Hurricane Center. I enjoy and forecast all kinds of weather, but my biggest allure is tropical weather, again due to living in Louisiana.

Although this blog is mostly devoted for the tropical weather (in the Atlantic basin) and because the hurricane season only runs from June 1 to November 30, I have also added a line of Coach, Kate Spade, etc. Handbags and accessories to the blog for my wife’s online business. Please note: Many times the listed product(s) in the blog is no longer available. Please link here to if you are interested.


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