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Jim Harris – Admin/Owner
I hope you will enjoy the journey through my mind. Musings about the real world around us and the virtual world.

I enjoy working in web design, electronics, and especially meteorology. Living in Miami (Florida) I have a keen interest in the weather and especially during the Atlantic hurricane season. I became very interested in meteorology as a child when Hurricane Cleo made landfall in Miami in 1964. I have been hooked into the tropical weather ever since and enjoyed it as an amateur. Having a brother in law who is one of the hurricane specialists at the 
National Hurricane Center
in Miami allows for a unique perspective into the NHC operations.

I am a trained NWS Skywarn Spotter and also a CoCoRaHS Observer. Please note: I am NOT a professional meteorologist and this forecast is prepared purely for entertainment purposes. Please understand this is my own personal forecast. Although I do have 30+ years of meteorological experience as an amateur, PLEASE instead stick with the information at the NHC. Please feel free to post a comment or if you have a question. I will try to respond as soon as possible.
In addition to this blog I designed a simple weather web site although it is mostly for the tropical weather http://corioliseffect.net and a Weather forum http://corioliseffect.net/forum/
It should be noted that the forum although is operational, it is NOT in effect.

Recently, I have started to work with a company called https://nioxus.com which is all about designing databases. this section will eventually be enhanced in time. Please feel free to check it out and if you are a lover of databases, think of becoming a member. We would love see you there.

Although this blog is mostly devoted to tropical weather (in the Atlantic basin) and because the hurricane season only runs from June 1 to November 30, I have also added a line of Coach, Michael Kors, etc. Handbags and accessories to the blog for my wife’s online business. Please note: Many times the listed product(s) in the blog is no longer available. Please link here to if you are interested.


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