Non-Tropical Weather

Non tropical weather

Dry Season for Florida

This has been one of those years where the weather for south Florida has been a little unusual. Although the abnormally strong La Nina was anticipated, a couple of fronts plowed through Miami and leaving some areas of below freezing temperatures was abnormal to say the least. The abnormally cold temperatures took their toll on the agricultural areas with farmers up all night spraying water on the plants and just praying the cold did not damage the entire harvest. I myself love to pick the strawberries right after we have a a cold front with temperatures in the upper 30’s- low 40’s. This tends to sweeten the strawberries.

So now we are now in a dry spell. Not good for Florida. What is most damaging is that this dry spell actually began during the hurricane season. Florida, even though we don’t like those tropical systems, they bring rain in south Florida usually during the late summer and early fall. Since this did not happen this year, we are now into that rain starved dry season.

There is possible chance that the forecast for March is indicating for some rainfall. After that, there is a very good chance of below normal rainfall for all of Florida and unfortunately this will set the stage for a bad fire season which peaks March-May.


Rainstorms in the Desert?

Have scientists been able to use technology to create rainstorms in the desert? There are claims that scientists that are employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi have actually done so. Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the Al Ain region during the summer in July and August. At that time of year there is normally no rain at all. Some people living in Abu Dhabi were puzzled when they saw lightning and even some hail during the rainstorms when there should not be any at this time of year.

Scientists from Metro System used ionizers to produce negatively charged particles (electrons). The negative charged ions will rise due to the hot air and during this process it will also attract dust. Eventually the dust particles will reach the right height to form cloud formation. The charges will soon attract water molecules that are are floating in the air and those molecules will condense around them.
If there is sufficient moisture in the air, it will induce billions of droplets to form thus these will become clouds and the whole theory is that this will create rain.


Tornado vs Train

Although this is an older video it is still something to watch