Non-Tropical Weather

Rainstorms in the Desert?

Have scientists been able to use technology to create rainstorms in the desert? There are claims that scientists that are employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi have actually done so. Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the Al Ain region during the summer in July and August. At that time of year there is normally no rain at all. Some people living in Abu Dhabi were puzzled when they saw lightning and even some hail during the rainstorms when there should not be any at this time of year.

Scientists from Metro System used ionizers to produce negatively charged particles (electrons). The negative charged ions will rise due to the hot air and during this process it will also attract dust. Eventually the dust particles will reach the right height to form cloud formation. The charges will soon attract water molecules that are are floating in the air and those molecules will condense around them.
If there is sufficient moisture in the air, it will induce billions of droplets to form thus these will become clouds and the whole theory is that this will create rain.

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