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Was Invest 95L anything tropical?

Did Invest 95L ever meet the criteria to make it a depression or tropical storm? I say NO – it never met the criteria and was nothing but a rain maker with some significant winds.

Tropical Cyclone:
A warm-core non-frontal synoptic-scale cyclone, originating over tropical or subtropical waters, with organized deep convection and a closed surface wind circulation about a well-defined center.

It the time of 1800 (zulu) – 95L had been a frontal boundary. At around 2100 -it detached from the front so it is now on it’s own. Under NHC criteria it requires the organized deep convection to persist for 12-24 hours. Only then if it still meets the criteria – the NHC may classifying a system as a Tropical Cyclone.

Just looking at the radar imagery at the time – it did not have a fully closed circulation. Also the convection was all SW of the “center”. Some people will argue these points and that’s fine – we all have are own feelings. But just using the NHC criteria guide lines  – 95L was just nothing but a  wet and windy storm.


Invest 95L

I don’t see any chance for 95L to organize itself into something tropical. There are upper level winds that in the range of 40-50 knots which pretty much will keep it from organizing.

Some models are just hinting that there might be something else brewing in the GOM in a few days. Lets just hope it is nothing to worry about !!

One a different note – there are allegations that BP is dumping sand over areas where there is oil on the beach.


Hurricane Alex

The first hurricane  of the season, Alex, ripped through Northern Mexico and Central America with wind of 105 mph and is blamed for at least thirteen deaths.  None of the deaths occurred in the regions were there was landfall. Hurricane Alex is now a tropical storm and will probably dissipate over the high mountains in Mexico overnight. Alex was the strongest hurricane  in since 1966. Hurricane Alma had winds of 125 mph as it hit the western coast of Florida.