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Using a play on words the name of this blog just worked out perfectly. Since both the blog and the forum are based mostly for the world of weather (meteorology). The name of the main weather site but the blog is

I am sure one of the first question to be asked is what is the coriolis effect. That is a great question! In physics, the Coriolis effect is an apparent deflection of moving objects when they are viewed from a rotating reference frame. Unless you are a meteorologist or a scientist – it probably is nothing but word a bunch of words but no meaning.

In Meteorology, perhaps the most important instance of the Coriolis effect is in the large-scale dynamics of the oceans and the atmosphere. In meteorology and ocean science, it is convenient to use a rotating frame of reference where the Earth is stationary. The fictitious centrifugal and Coriolis forces must then be introduced. High pressure systems rotate in a direction such that the Coriolis force will be directed radially inwards, and nearly balanced by the outwardly radial pressure gradient. This direction is clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere. Low pressure systems rotate in the opposite direction, so that the Coriolis force is directed radially outward and nearly balances an inwardly radial pressure gradient. In each case a slight imbalance between the Coriolis force and the pressure gradient accounts for the radially inward acceleration of the system’s circular motion.

Hopefully using an animation might give you a clearer idea of what the coriolis efffect is:

Now there still is the myth about the direction of rotation in a bathtub or toilet and that the Coriolis Effect was the cause. While theoretically the Coriolis Effect might affect the draining flow, it is stronger other factors (temperature distribution, turbulence and wall shape) that dominate.


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