Tropical Storm Danielle

The expectations of what was TD Six has now been upgraded to TS Danielle at 5:00PM. During the day today, a lot of strong thunderstorms with some very cold cloud tops…some down to -85°C, made the forecasters at the NHC to make the upgrade. The colder the cloud tops – the better for storm development. The visible satellite shows that Danielle is continuing to experience the moderate shear from the east and southeast. This will be relaxing within 24-48 hours and this will allow Danielle to intensify to at least minimal hurricane status. Later, some of the models want to bring Danielle to a major hurricane. This will only be for a short period of time as the forecast is for vertical shear will begin to erode the intensification.

AVN Satellite image

Visible Satellite image

Wind Shear

Although during the day today Danielle the movement was a bit northward, it has returned back to WNW and should stay that way for 48-72 hours. After that a break in the subtropical ridge will allow Danielle to head NW and away from the US coast. Depending upon how long Danielle continues the WNW movement, Bermuda may be affected.

Models for Danielle


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