Tropical Storm Gaston

What a day! This morning the wave that was designated as Invest 98L then later in the morning it was then upgraded to Tropical Depression Nine has now been upgraded to Tropical Storm Gaston. I still believe that there will not be too much more intensification because of the the dry air to the north and west though there is little shear – it may but very little. See my previous post about TD Nine.

Satellite image of TS Gaston

Satellite image of Gaston

AVN Satellite image of Gaston

Models for Gaston


2 Responses to Tropical Storm Gaston

  • I thought Hurricane Earl isn’t that dangerous. Did I hear wrong?

  • admin says:

    Hurricane Danielle was no threat but yes you heard incorrectly. Hurricane Earl is a category 4 storm with 140 MPH winds. Most likely the Outer Banks will get hurricane force winds and on the line upward to Nova Scotia – they will have at least Tropical Storm force winds. Anytime you are not sure about a storm always refer back to the National Hurricane Center

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