Invest 97L – A disorganized system

Invest 97L which is now near the Leeward Islands is still a very disorganized system and has still been a elongated east -west low pressure system but it has maintained it’s identity. Upper level winds will be decreasing and there is a possibility that 97L might become a depression in 48 hours or so. A few models are forecasting that 97L will become at least a depression and at least one model has it as at least a tropical storm. Due to a vigorous trough off the US East coast, 97L is forecast to back a sharp turn NE and away from the US coast. Regardless of any development, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola will be having heavy rains.

Visible Satellite image of Invest 97L

AVN Satellite image of Invest 97L

Water Vapor Satellite image of Western Atlantic

Models for Invest 97L

Canadian Model at 60 hours

UKMET Model at 72 hours

The GFS Model is forecasting that a new system will be developing in the Western Caribbean. We will have to see in a few days if the other models start see this system.

GFS Model at 252 hours


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