Sub Tropical Storm Otto

Sub Tropical Depression Seventeen has been upgraded to Sub Tropical Storm Otto as of the 5PM advisory from the NHC. Otto is heading northward between a weakness in a ridge in the Mid-Altlantic. A very strong mid-tropospheric trough that is located in the Eastern U.S. will be heading east and eventually turn Otto on Northeast track for 24- 36 hours. After that forecast period, Otto will accelerate very rapidly and will then be tracking ENE. Otto will be going through the transition period from Sub Tropical to Tropical within 12-18 hours or sooner due to warm SST’s and the dissipation of a upper-level low just SE of Otto. Otto is forecast to possibly reach hurricane status within 36 hours. Otto will then start to weaken due to upper level winds from the aforementioned trough. In 96 hours or so, Otto will go through transition from a tropical cyclone to a extra-tropical low.

Visible Satellite image of Sub Tropical Storm Otto

AVN Satellite image of Sub Tropical Storm Otto

Water Vapor Satellite image of Western Atlantic/Sub Tropical Storm Otto

Models for Sub Tropical Storm Otto


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