Hurricane Otto

Tropical Storm Otto has been upgraded to Hurricane Otto as of the 11am advisory from the NHC. During the past 6 -12 hours satellite images showed that Otto had developed a well defined and large CDO – Central Dense Overcast. (This is the cirrus cloud shield that results from the thunderstorms in the eyewall of a tropical cyclone and its rain bands). Otto in an environment with light shear marginally warm waters which will allow some further intensification but gradual. This will be short lived as within 24-36 hours, southwesterly shear and cooler waters will take it’s effect on Otto and weakening if forecast. Otto will begin the transition from tropical to extra tropical within 48 hours. Otto has been heading ENE and gradually has been accelerating. Otto will stay on this track for 2 or 3 days and eventually turn to the eastward then southeastward due to a deep layered trough. Otto is expected to affect those in the Azores Islands.

Visible Satellite image of Hurricane Otto

AVN Satellite image of Hurricane Otto

Water Vapor Satellite image of Western Atlantic/Hurricane Otto

Models for Hurricane Otto


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