A Merging Tropical Wave?

A new wave has emerged of of the coast Africa today with excellent cyclonic turning.

Met - 9 Satellite image

This wave may interact with Invest 90L and possibly “merge”. Actually, they would not merge but one system would be stronger than the other. The weaker system would be “pulled in” to the other.

Invest 90L is still in the ITCZ and is struggling a little due to dry air to the north and also just south of due west. Because of this dry air any development will be slow to occur.

IR Satellite image

Water Vapor Satellite image

Just looking at satellite loop imagery, the chances for the wave to interact with Invest 90L are conceivable, but it may take 24-72 hours to do so, if at all. The forecast does seem to indicate that upper level winds will decrease and become favorable within the same time frame as above.


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