Katia, A Temporary Downgrade to Tropical Storm

Hurricane Katia has been downgraded be to Tropical Storm status as Katia’s low level core is at least 3/4th exposed. Several factors have created this possible downgrade, but the major problem Katia is having southwesterly shear. This shear is mostly being caused by an upper level low to the northwest of Katia. This upper level low is forecast to eventually lift out which should allow a much better environment of upper level winds aloft. Katia is also having problems with dry air intrusion which is disrupting the circulation of the storm. This seems to have been the problem for a majority of the storms this year.

Although Katia has been downgraded, all indictions are that this is just temporary and Katia will regain hurricane status, possibly in 24-48 hours and should still be a major hurricane in a few days.


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