Tropical Weather

Two New Tropical Waves

A very large tropical wave in the central Atlantic (located near 40°W) with some very good cyclonic turing is looking like something we need to keep an eye on eye. The wave has had problems with dry air lately. At the moment, the wave will continue to struggle but shortly thereafter, it will be in a better enviroment as upper level winds should relax and the wave will be more conducive for possible development.

Visual Satellite image

Another wave which has just come off the coast of Africa is also another area that has to be watched. Some of the Global Forecasting models been to want to develop this wave. This wave also has some very good cyclonic turning. To the north and south of the wave there is some dry air but is minimal and the SAL is also at low levels. This has a chance to be the first CV (Cape Verde) system of the season. Given that most of the tropical waves previously had SAL or upper level winds that hampered any tropical devolpment, this wave should do much better.

AVN Satellite image
Water Vapor Satellite image

Of the two waves, if one only had a chance to develop, the latter wave is the one I would have to choose.