Invest 94L

An area of low pressure has been designated as Invest 94L. This area is located off the eastern coast of Florida, near Jacksonville. Invest 94l is moving WSW and will continue to track this way for 12-24 hours. Although it is very difficult to see on satellite imagery it is roughly located at 29° N – 79° W. (Note in the satellite images, Invest 94L is not the large area of convection south of the panhandle of Florida)

Satellite image of Invest 94L

Water Vapor satellite image

Some models want to take Invest 94L westward over the state of Florida and then begin to develop in the NE GOM near the panhandle, then head WNW. Some models have it as nothing but a tropical depression, yet there is another wanting it to develop into a hurricane. Until Invest 94L has entered and into the Gulf – there is no way of knowing.

Models for Invest 94L


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