Its been 6 days now and I wanted to post once a day as WP Daily Post suggested. At this rate, my grade would be a D- and that is not even adding my content rating. All this week, my thoughts have been clouded and I just can’t seem to get back on track. I have heard the suggestions that writing once a day, unless you are a professional writer, you might be sacrificing quantity versus quality. That argument is very true as you cannot become a better writer without a lot of experimenting, thus making your posts stand out against the others. On the other side of the coin though if you just write something that has no quality or merit, should you be punished for the lack of quality. At least you posted something even though it might not be your best writing. Will just writing anything help your writing skills. I don’t think anyone could truly answer that question.

So now I am wondering is there another way to help polish my post. Should I add music or a photo that reflects what the post is all about? Does adding the music or photo diminish the quality of the post. Surely just adding the music/photo does not help my writing skills. So here I am banging my head on the wall and pondering with all these thoughts. Oh well, maybe next week my head will be out of the clouds.


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