Verizon iPhone Announcement – Big Deal or Not?

So, today was the day the Verizon iPhone was to be announced. After seeing the releases, not a big deal yet a lot of people are going to switch to Verizon. The first editions of the Verizon iPhone will not be 4G. No voice and data at the same time. The new iPhone will be available next month, prices  32mb $199 – 64mb $299.

The big announcement of course was played out at 11am on 1/11/11. From what I got – many people were very disappointed. So now those who go out and buy the 3G version of the Verizon iPhone will have to wait at least a year before the 4G iPhone will be available. The new iPhone will use the CDMA technology and not the LTE. It will have a 5 megapixel camera, HD video, and the custom A4 chip.

So when the second generation of the Verizon iPhone rolls out, lets hope it will have the LTE (or better), and if a lot of people do switch from ATT to Verizon, will they be able to handle the influx and not have the same problems ATT is having. What will the pricing be for the second generation?

My own opinion is this was one big disappointment and I think a lot more people thought Verizon was going to shock them with something fantastic.

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